Coronavirus Information

Campus Community,

Please look below for a list of information from the university and FAQ's regarding University Dining. Please continue to monitor your Samford email and the university coronavirus website for additional information regarding your meal plan and other frequently asked questions.


Most locations are closed to allow staff to support increased safety and sanitation efforts in the food court. The Food Court is currently open seven days a week from 10:00 am - 7:00 pm. during the week.


  • Dry-aged, grass-fed, beef for made-to-order burgers
  • Mahi Mahi Sandwiches 
  • Chicken Tenders
  • Philly Cheese Sandwiches
  • Blue Plate Specials 
Simply To Go 
  • Fresh salads
  • Cut Fruit
  • Desserts
  • Yogurt Parfaits
  • Chicken Wraps
Moe's Southwest Grill
  • Made-to-order burritos
  • Made-to-order quesadillas
  • Made-to-order nachos
  • Made-to-order stacks
  • chips
  • guacamole
  • queso
From the University:

"Dear Samford Community…  Many of you have asked if Samford will offer refunds or credits for pre-paid room and board charges for the time the campus is closed to students this semester due to the COVID-19 crisis.  I want to confirm for our students and parents that Samford is fully committed to offering pro-rated room and board refunds or credits to all eligible students.
Coming up with a fair refund or credit for all is complicated by many variables and factors, including but not limited to:
·        Implications of the federal CARES Act of 2020
·        Samford housing venues that cost different amounts
·        A variety of meal plan options that cost different amounts
·        Financial assistance plans
·        Federal loan program guidelines
·        Insurance coverages and other factors
We want to ensure that room and board refunds and credits are fair to all parties concerned so these factors, among others, must be carefully considered.  Samford’s leadership is especially sensitive to understanding the implications to students’ future financial aid packages.  Likewise, it is imperative that Samford prudently manage its resources during this crisis to both allow for the refunds and credits, and ensure the ongoing operations of the university.
As we continue to work through the many details, please know that a plan for the pro-rata refund or credit of room and board fees will be forthcoming soon.  I thank you for your patience and understanding during this extraordinary time.  Be sure to visit our coronavirus FAQ website for answers to many questions.  If you have other questions, please send them to"

As we experience an increasing number of confirmed COVID-19 cases in the United States, we want to share with you the contingency measures we are taking to keep the communities we serve and our employees safe. 

Sodexo has been proactively managing our technical response to COVID-19, weeks before it even appeared in the U.S., based on the experiences of our teams working in health care settings in Wuhan Province China. In partnership with the University’s Business Continuity Plan, the advice of local health authorities and the CDC, we developed a business continuity plan for each of our universities here in the U.S. 

We take our responsibility for the well-being of the communities we serve seriously and here are the specific actions we are taking in response to the current situation: 

  • A Universities response team, consisting of subject matter experts from health and food safety, culinary and facilities operations, human resources and supply management, is continuously monitoring the situation and reacting in real-time. 
  • We are conducting briefings twice a week with all of our site managers to ensure they have the information and resources they need to safeguard the health and safety of everyone at the site as well as the business continuity at their respective universities. 
  • All onsite operations are regularly cleaning and disinfecting frequently touched surfaces with a suitable chemical disinfectant. 
  • Our culinary team is developing alternate menus and serving options in the event that there is an impact on our food supply. To be clear, our food supply chain is well stocked and we currently do not expect any food supply chain disruptions. 
  • All employees have been instructed on how to prevent the spread of COVID-19 and we have reinforced our existing food safety and health and wellness policies requiring employees to stay home if they are not feeling well. 
  • We have posted additional communications and in-unit signage on the proper handwashing techniques as well as other personal hygiene actions during the flu season. 
  • Our supply management team is actively directing product availability for the universities we serve including: 
    • Cleaning chemicals – disinfectants and sanitizers; 
    • Hand soap and sanitizers; and, where necessary, 
    • Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) – gloves, masks, etc. 
  • We have instituted a travel ban for all non-essential business travel 

In these challenging times, we are even more committed to bringing our mission of Improving the Quality of Life to the communities we serve. The heath and safety of the communities we serve remain our utmost priority. 

We invite you to review this brochure which provides greater detail on our response. If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact your local Sodexo manager.

Our team is committed to high sanitation standards, including:

  • Changing serving utensils every 30 minutes
  • Cleaning and sanitizing all sneeze guards between each meal period
  • Cleaning and sanitizing all tables and chairs 
  • Maintaining proper handwashing and glove usage 
  • increased availability of hand sanitizer for our guests 
For additional information, please visit

Safety and sanitation are important to us. To be extra precautious, we are temporarily suspending the use of re-usable Green to Go containers. You can still take a meal to-go using a compostable container. Please ask the cashier for additional information.

For additional information, please visit

  • At Samford, all managers and supervisors are ServSafe certified. 
  • All University Dining employees are required to complete a full day of Food and Safety handling training prior to starting at Samford at the beginning of each year. 
  • Each day our retail and resident dining teams host a huddle to go over safety topics and food handling best practices.
  • All employees are required to wear personal protective equipment including but not limited to: cutting gloves, latex gloves, slip-resistant shoes, hairnets
  • All University Dining employees are required to go over the Jefferson County Department of Health book 
  • Our National EcoLab representative visits the university frequently to monitor and make suggestions to our staff and management team

Each University Dining location across campus has at least one hand sanitization station 

For additional information, please visit

This e-mail contains important details related to Samford’s COVID-19 response. Carefully read it in its entirety.

Samford Community… Although there are currently no confirmed cases in Alabama, Samford is making significant operational changes to minimize the risk of exposure to COVID-19 for students, faculty, and staff.  These decisions were heavily influenced by the knowledge that our people have traveled to diverse locations during Spring Break where incidents of COVID-19 are known to exist.  We believe the measures taken by Samford were inevitable given the rapidly evolving circumstances. As disruptive as this is, the disruption would have been greater had we delayed until everyone returned to campus next week.  

Yesterday I shared with you that all university courses will temporarily move to online delivery beginning Monday, March 16.  Students will hear directly from faculty regarding instructions for online classes.  Students with internships or clinical requirements should contact their faculty advisors for guidance.

Students presently off-campus for Spring Break may NOT return to campus until in-person classroom instruction resumes.  Residential students needing books, laptops and other essential items from campus can retrieve those items between now and 5:00 p.m. on March 16.  Students may claim their items and then promptly leave campus.

We recognize that in limited circumstances, some students will be unable to return home.  Students who have a significant hardship can request to stay on campus using the ResLife form that will be available on the ResLife website later today. Requests must be made by noon on Saturday, March 14.  Student-athletes will receive information directly from the Athletics Department.

Students and employees who have traveled or choose to travel domestically to an area with active mitigation strategies as defined by the CDC or who travel internationally to a CDC level, 2 or 3 risks for COVID-19 cannot come to campus for any reason until they have completed 14 days of self-quarantine.  This includes Spring Break travel.  As of today, domestic locations with active mitigation strategies include New Rochelle, NY; Seattle, WA and Santa Clara, CA.  If you have traveled to any of these destinations you must e-mail to make arrangements for the continuation of study or work responsibilities.

If you exhibit symptoms consistent with COVID-19, promptly contact your personal health care provider and explain that you are in self-monitoring.  If you are diagnosed with COVID-19 at any time, you should notify the university at

Faculty and staff are to report to work as usual on Monday, March 16.  If you have questions about your schedule or work arrangements, contact your supervisor.

Until March 16, all scheduled events presented by the university and outside entities will go forward as planned.  Campus events between March 16 and April 6 are either postponed or canceled.  The Office of Events Management will contact event hosts with additional details.  Spectators at Samford hosted athletics events will be limited.

All university-sponsored international travel departing in the spring 2020 semester is canceled.  All domestic university-related travel, including previously approved travel, is suspended for the remainder of the spring semester.  Exceptions must be approved by a vice president.  If you are planning university-related travel after the spring semester, vice president approval is required until further notice.

The Samford community is encouraged to continue practicing social distancing, frequent hand washing, use of hand sanitizer, cleaning or disinfecting high-touch surfaces and staying home if you are sick.

Please visit the Samford coronavirus website for additional information.  Throughout the day today, we will be adding answers to many of your frequently asked questions.  This is a rapidly evolving situation and we appreciate your patience. 

If you have questions that are not addressed on the site, email


Samford is committed to maintaining the university’s operations while keeping our community healthy and safe.  Based on new guidance from the CDC suggesting sustained community spread and widespread global transmission of COVID-19, Samford employees should begin working from home on Tuesday, March 17.  On Monday evening we will lock the gates and will only allow essential personnel on campus. Supervisors will notify essential personnel of their roles.   


All employees should report to work as usual on Monday and should work with their supervisor to determine a plan for fulfilling job responsibilities remotely.  The university is not closed; our operations, instruction and student support must continue.  Payroll will proceed as usual and employees will be expected to maintain normal productivity, as best we can, so that we may continue to serve our students well.  If you have childcare issues or are in a high risk category (older adults or those with serious chronic health conditions like heart disease, diabetes or lung disease) you should communicate with your supervisor if you are unable to report Monday.  We will work with you on arrangements, but please do not bring children to campus on Monday.


Human Resources will be sharing the details of remote operations with supervisors later today, but it is important that you begin thinking through your individual plan now.  If you have technology needs, please be sure your supervisor is aware as soon as possible.  Technology Services needs to know this information.  The provost’s office will provide faculty with more information about continuity of instruction assistance.


Finally, as the number of COVID-19 cases continues to grow, remember that social distancing is imperative.  This means you should remain out of congregate settings, avoid mass gatherings, and maintain approximately 6 feet between yourself and others when possible. If you have recently traveled to a CDC level 3 risk for COVID-19 area, you are not allowed to return to campus until you have completed a 14 day self-quarantine.  Please report any such circumstances by email to or your supervisor.


The health and safety of our students and employees continues to be our top priority.  My prayers are with each of you, and I am grateful for your cooperation during this unprecedented time.As of now, Samford Dining plans to return to normal operating hours and procedures once students return on April 6, 2020. Please continue to monitor the university website for information regarding your meal plans, residence halls, classes, etc.


 For additional information, please visit

The United States Environmental Protection Agency has given a list of proven disinfectants which combat the spread of COVID-19. Many of these products are used in our dining facilities across campus and purchased by EcoLab including OxivirTB and Oxivir!. 

Click here to view the entire list. 

 For additional information, please visit

All concessions are currently closed and will remain closed until further notice. Please continue to check back for additional information.

For more information

please feel free to contact us

Email:      Phone: 205-726-2142        Social Media: @samforddining